Site Acquisitions

Due to our high demand and expansion growth we are continuously seeking to acquire land and buildings for our new locations. Our primary markets are USA and UK at the moment.

What we are looking for :

  • Major City locations
  • Minimum population 2 million within 15 -20 minutes’ drive
  • Road / street side plots with high traffic flow on frontage with access
  • Vacant buildings or commercial premises with high traffic flow on frontage with access
  • Standalone closed retail stores
  • Closed restaurants over 6000 sq ft
  • Strip malls/street locations over 6000 sq ft
  • Locations in malls over 4000 sq ft

Our Partners and who we work with

We work with leading global real-estate companies with strong experience that also have access to local markets to provide confidence in the sites we develop for our clients to operate from to enable them to have the highest success.

We are happy to retain agents or brokers that introduce locations, contact us if you think you may have a community or location we can help improve