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    is provided
  • Low cost & stressless
    360° business infrastructure for your restaurant
  • Take control of your business
    Your profit margins and own your customers

For Restaurant's & Culinary businesses

We help restaurants and catering business owners create higher value profitable businesses by providing all the infrastructure, support and services needed. We work with established brick and mortar restaurants wanting to separate online revenue, be more efficient and increase profitability as well as start up’s and takeout only businesses. We make culinary dreams into reality and take the stress out of running a business for owners. Our services are developed to provide unique benefits for every type of culinary provider such as:

  • Established Restaurants
  • Start-up Restaurants
  • Franchisees
  • Catering services
  • Food Truck Operators
  • Farmers Market Vendors
  • Food Product Entrepreneurs
  • Culinary & food Instructors
  • Food Content Producers
  • Government healthy living initiatives

The problem

"The disruptive economy is now being replaced by the destructive economy"

Many restaurant owners are facing financial difficulty and are closing down due to a combination of factors affecting them. The main being a constant loss of profit margin to 3rd party technology operators like Grubhub, URBER Eats and Just Eat and they feel powerless to take action due to the time and financial pressures of marketing, mixed with declining diners and fixed high costs. Business owners have had a big shock of learning that short term help from third party marketing technology platforms has ultimately led to substantially lower income and profit and a permanent loss of their traditional customer base in the medium to long term.

What we hear from restaurant and culinary industry owners

High fixed cost for good locations

Very hard for start-up and high set up and running costs for a good location

Unfair terms & business practises of 3rd party tech platforms

Restrictions on marketing to local customers when they use 3rd party websites

Declining seating revenue

More trade is switching to online and I still have to pay for the heavy overheads normally associated with a restaurant.

30-50% margin lost via 3rd party technology platforms

Simply working for Grubhub, Uber eats, Just eat. They earn more than me !

Loss of local customer base

I am restricted to marketing to my own long standing clients by 3rd party digital marketing platforms. They have taken ownership of my customers.

Unhealthy unsociable hours

Early morning delivery collection and late-night closing, no time for personal wellbeing

No ability to satisfy customer multi cuisine orders

Customers cannot order for different family cuisine tastes. They wait for multiple deliveries, pay for multiple trips and this also goes to spoiling the family eating experience

Orders reaching the kitchen too late

Customers complain my food is cold when they order different cuisines from 3rd party platforms

Cold food losses

3rd party delivery services reroute to maximise drops, all leading to longer waiting times

The need for loyalty programme that works

3rd party marketing platforms give discounts and make restaurant's pay for their marketing.

Cost of maintaining my digital presence

Too much costs spent on website, app and marketing with a lack of return on investment

Stock and storage issues

Need to keep an eye on expenses and only pay for what is needed


A new home for your restaurant, everything you need is provided - start immediately without stress


We provide more than just Cloud Kitchens; we provide our tenants with a complete solution whether you are a start-up or an established restaurant operator looking to reduce costs or have a current dedicated online service.

We provide high specification commercial kitchens with and without seating for diners in high potential income locations. Our locations are strategically chosen by our specialist team so that our tenants’ benefit from a high passing trade for possible sit-down diners and a high population catchment area within 15 minutes of every location for home delivery business.

  • Instant revenue ready cloud kitchens
  • Instant passing trade to start building revenue faster
  • Business accelerator manager to execute local sales & marketing
  • Customer data collection retention and re ordering incentivisation
  • Low cost dedicated delivery drivers
  • Flexible lease terms with low risk

Fully fitted high specification cooking training rooms

Free training staff time access for all our cloud kitchen clients

We provide culinary cooking training rooms at our locations. Our cooking training rooms are fitted with high specification equipment to provide education and training for any type of cuisine and can be booked online:

  • Head chef workstation with presentation screen
  • 10 cooking workstations
  • 24/7 secure access via a unique password
  • 24/7 video surveillance & security
  • High speed internet access
  • Janitorial/cleaning support
  • Birds eye video recording of cooking stations

Excited to get started and move your business to the next level