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    We provide fully equipped - customer direct digital marketing - higher profits
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    We provide the office, storage, packing, delivery returns management and more
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    We provide quicker delivery to customers - less costs - superior service - more profit

What We Do

Cloud Ventures provides a complete infrastructure and eco system for businesses that want to go online and grow revenue whilst they maximise their profit margins. Our products and services empower clients to have more engagement with their customers directly and have less reliant on 3rd party technology platforms for revenue.

Our infrastructure provides businesses with everything needed such as a fully fitted premises, storage, logistics, IT, digital marketing, equipment, business manager and lots more to retain and grow customers directly.

Benefits for your online customers

We provide great reasons for customers to come directly to you for their needs online

  • Fastest delivery locally
  • Single delivery & payment for multiple cuisine food orders
  • More choice, lower cost, shorter waiting times
  • Less confusion instead of 3rd party delivery platforms
  • Greater direct discounts, offers and loyalty


Reach a large population for goods & services2 million plus customers within 15 minutes – any location
88% Complete
Large passing trade 50,000 plus cars daily in front of our cloud kitchens
78% Complete
Substantially improve your profit margins 40% Increase in profit margin
92% Complete
Retain and control your customers needs resulting in 100% Customer data retention
94% Complete
The lowest start up cost 90% Reduction in start up cost
78% Complete

Prime roadside locations

Earn quicker, instant revenue for our clients cloud kitchens

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Control your revenue directly

No more loss of margins to 3rd party technology marketing platforms

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Data marketing integration

Lock in customers directly with loyalty and behavioural digital marketing

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Lower your operating Cost

Take the stress out of high fixed costs and start earning more

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Reduce staffing costs

No need to check in deliveries or handle the goods

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The businesses we serve

In the community


Cloud commerce kitchens

Ecommerce Retailing

Cloud commerce warehousing, distribution & offices

Our Social Programmes

We believe in profit with responsibility and giving back to the communities that we serve.

Our Cloud Commerce Social programme has been set up to help the disadvantaged and disability restricted members wanting to be entrepreneurs in the community they live in and we are here to help them.

Our business sponsor programmes creates better communities, better wellbeing, more jobs and equal opportunities and turns dreams into reality for the many underprivileged who are struggling in society.

Call us if you want to expand, improve, earn more or work with us