• Develop, Grow & Compete
    We help create a fair playing field for local business

For Ecommerce Businesses

For Ecommerce Businesses we provide a complete eco system and infrastructure for online businesses. We provide a 360° service for entrepreneurs and established retail businesses who want to grow their business locally and internationally with our unique fusion of services to enable them to compete and increase profitability with everything they need cost effectively and also offer the highest level of customer satisfaction.

The problems facing online and bricks and mortar businesses that we solve

Take control of your customers and profit margin directly

Changing consumer

Decline of physical consumer traffic instore has meant that local businesses can no longer ignore their only support, marketing and strategy.

Unfair Big Competition

Too much power with companies like Amazon who destroy many local businesses with their logistics , high commission rates and instant power to terminate accounts.

Making your competition stronger

No data independence – companies like Amazon collect information on everything sold , then use this data to compete with their own direct products and brands.

Amazon too expensive

High fixed costs for start-ups when trying to use Amazon with unfair conditions, many businesses lose money every month due the cost of sales when using Amazon.

Sharing data means losing your customer

Data independence – Don’t let Amazon see what your selling and then compete with you.

Losing all your business

Remove the risk of getting locked out of your own business – Breach of policies could mean the end of your business if it's built via a third party website like Amazon solely.

Lower income

Stop unfair commission payments – 20% -50% commission paid to 3rd party websites who still charge for picking packing, storage and distribution.

Revenue blocked too long

Amazon holds revenue from client's website and affects cash flow

How we help e-commerce businesses

We value all about customers no matter how big or small they are , it is with this in mind that we have provided the lowest cost for ecommerce business start-up service and a local ecommerce service that is very difficult to beat.

Making dreams a reality for everyone in the community

Our clients can start their online retailing business simply with just one box of stock and have access to warehouse, storage, meeting rooms, business logistics and offices similar to large online businesses.

  • Flexible terms and cost effective
  • Onsite high spec serviced office
  • Free mailing address and receptionist
  • Hot desking & Private Micro offices
  • Fully furnished
  • Food & catering areas
  • ViraClean certified and cleaned daily

Goods delivered faster than Amazon locally in your community

All our locations are strategically chosen to enable you to deliver to a large volume of potential customers within 15 mins. More customers for your business with locations in the heart of high footfall.


Our success is dependent on our clients , we provide all our with expert marketing consultancy services free clients to ensure they have the all the best tools and chances of success to keep connected, engaged, and offer the right value proposition to the right customer

Higher customer satisfaction and trust

Customer prefer to deal with businesses within a short driving distance or in their community. All are locations are within the high population communities and are able to provide better customer support and services.

Grow you customers with our free market expansion

When your business is ready to expand into new markets we have a growth network of locations . We help business expand with our global business expansion team, time saving knowledge and cost effective when trying to reach international markets.

Excited to get started and move your business to the next level