Our Story, Our Mission & Social Programmes

Cloud Commerce is an ecommerce services investment company with a focus on providing local business access to local online revenue in a fair and sustainable way. We believe in profit with responsibility and the need for more wealth distribution for local community businesses is now also a social and environmental responsibility. A responsibility that leads to better outcomes such as protecting more jobs, better healthcare, fewer empty stores, reducing crime, less deprivation and providing more opportunities for the whole community.

Each project is a direct reflection of the strength and variety of local talent and entrepreneurship. Our goal is to bring multi-faceted possibilities of sustainable online businesses mixed with traditional bricks and mortar. In all our projects we will work in collaboration with city leaders and various organisations so that our services are adaptable and capable of accommodating city-specific trends and needs to bring out the best of the business and entrepreneurs in the communities we engage in.

Our Mission is Very Simple

Equal and fair access to local online revenue for the local community

Provide the Eco system to achieve the maximum revenue and profitability with sustainability

Give back to the local community by improving lives

"What motivated me to create Cloud Commerce"
CEO Kalpesh Vyas

Being an entrepreneur for over 30 years I have seen many commercial situations affecting businesses. Certain technology, innovation and business models has contributed many positive things to society in but over the last few years I can see a worrying trend in the evolution of certain companies which is now creating the effect of exponentially causing more harm than good with their growth. I am a strong believer in entrepreneurship but also believe in profit with responsibility strongly because history has taught me that in a commercial world where there is too much power in the hands of only a few organisations ultimately leads to a poorer society.

The current situation of digital online dominance of by heavily marketed 3rd party technology platforms over the profit margins, data and digital consumers of many businesses is one that will lead to an irreversible destruction of not only these businesses but the communities and societies that depend on the vibrancy local commerce created by these businesses. This vibrancy of local commerce creates footfall, encourages people to meet each other, keeps stores open, improves the local economy, improves society with more opportunity, less crime, safer communities, better healthcare and so much more. Fairer distribution of future digital revenue leads to a better society and opportunities for future generations and if we do not act then this could be lost forever where the overall cost will outweigh the technology benefits.

My aim is to create a fairer distribution of future digital consumers and data control revenue back into local businesses that serve and live in the community and I hope we can all play part in a new revolution of profit with responsibly.



Our Young kick-starts incubator is a service dedicated to help young entrepreneurs in local communities establish and develop their business online service to serve the local community in which they live in.

We provide the complete ecosystem from the very beginning to the very end to make dreams for young entrepreneurs come to life this includes providing technology, distribution storage, warehouse, delivery, design, content teams and most importantly we provide a business mentorship service that provides targeted education and knowhow to create the best possible chances of success for young entrepreneurs.


There are many incredibly talented entrepreneurs that unfortunately suffer from various disabilities . This exceptionally talented group of individuals face many difficulties in trying to manage their online businesses or may feel running an online business is beyond them due to accessibility, physical limitations, and support.

Our disability kick start incubator is especially developed to help individuals with disabilities maximise their potential by providing an ecosystem without limitations. This includes friendly cloud commerce eco system with workstations, storage, lift access, parking, IT access and much more, all with a specialist team of mentors to help maximise their business ideas without limitations.


Many veterans are isolated from learning about what skills are needed if they want to be self-employed and run their own business during service. They sometimes settle for low paying jobs rather than fulfil their dreams of business ownership because of the stress back into civilian life. Our eCommerce Veterans programme provides everything needed for veterans to be self-employed and remove the knowledge and cultural barriers differences between the military , civilian and the commercial world.

It takes a veteran to understand what military people go through in transitioning to the private sector. We appoint experienced veterans as entrepreneur liaison roles to kick start veteran eCommerce dreams and we also go the extra mile to ensure that the special needs of veterans and their families are being met while they are building their dreams after they have served their country.

If you feel you can contribute or need help we would love to hear from you